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10 Things Thankful People Don’t Do

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Most people recognize that being thankful helps create a positive life.

Gratitude is a pathway to joy.

Do you know someone who always seems to be thankful?

Take a page out of the book that thankful people are reading, and employ those measures in your daily life.

Here are some things that you won’t see a thankful person do.

1. They don’t worry or complain

They realize that worrying has no virtue of its own and the only thing that can change a situation from good to bad is the right mental attitude.

2. Thankful people never see negative in any situation

They always choose to see the positive because seeing the negative doesn’t help; it only brings more worry and fear.

These people also know that every negative has a positive.

Thankful people choose to see the positive side.

3. Thankful people never let current circumstances dictate their future

They realize that nothing you go through in life is forever.

It’s temporary and only to bring out the best in you.

They focus on the beautiful future they have ahead of them.

Whatever they may be going through now, doesn’t deter them from their goals.

4. Thankful people never compare themselves to others

They appreciate their journey and how far they’ve come and they don’t let other people’s lives dictate how they feel, respond to situations and how they go about life.

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5. Thankful people never run away from challenges

These people know that challenges are what make them special.

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How can one be thankful if you’ve never had a challenge?

They know the true glory is when in the midst of all the obstacles, they are able to stand still, be grateful!

6. Thankful people never surround themselves with ungrateful and negative people

This is one of the most important things thankful people never do.

They realize that “the people you hang out with are the ones who influence your thoughts, actions and decisions,” so they try and much as possible to immerse themselves with everything inspiring and motivational i.e. books, podcasts, seminars, etc.

7. Thankful people never let bitterness rule their lives

One of the things grateful people do is to forgive….

this might mean forgiving the past (i.e. yourself), people who have offended you, and even situations you didn’t like.

8. Thankful people never go through life expecting a bed of roses

They are fully aware that life is a roller-coaster i.e.

good times and bad times but what they have realized is that you are in control of your situation and no matter how many lemons life throws at you…..

your ability to make lemonade is what counts.

9. Thankful people never wait for situations to get out of hand

They are proactive rather than reactive and they are always confident that their right attitude will turn the outcome of any situation they face.

10. Finally, thankful people never wake up in the wrong mood

They understand that your morning moods usually dictate the rest of the day.

They realize that if they start their day with a positive frame of mind, the rest of the day will continue to bring joy and happiness.

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How many of these behaviors do you recognize?

Are you doing some of these things that thankful people avoid?

Most of us will have days where we fall into some of these categories, but if you are doing these things often, it might be time to evaluate what is going on.

Happiness is a choice, and each of the behaviors listed here will erode your happiness level.

Try being more thankful and express gratitude.

Let us know what changes in your life using the comment section below.

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