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Find Success by Shifting Your Mindsets & Habits

Rich Schaus, Lead Contributor
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When seeking success, we must count the cost of success in one area of our lives and see if it is worth the price in another area.

I once had a friend who was an avid weightlifter.

Unlike most people I knew this guy only worked on his arms and chest.

He had incredible results above the waist. 

However, he had these chicken-looking legs, and the image was ridiculous.

Finding success involves creating a mindset and establishing habits that leave you well-rounded and balanced.

Here are seven ways to improve your mindset and create habits that will help you in your quest to find true success.

1. Get the most bang for your buck.

Your time is limited to approximately 24 hours each day.

During that time, we need to:

Time is our most valuable resource. 

Consider all that you would like to achieve and maximize the use of your time.

When I run I listen to podcasts. 

These podcasts often have a spiritual tone.

During this one run, I am developing mentally, spiritually, and physically.

When I drive I listen to audiobooks. 

Get creative and look for ways to maximize your development.

2. Take time to focus

Multitasking is a lie. 

If you try to do several things at once, you will probably get many things done poorly.

Focus on one task at a time.

If you are with your family, put your mind on them.

When you are at work focus on work. 

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Focus will make you as sharp as a laser. 

3. Get feedback from different specialties to find success

I read once of a young man who wanted to be a professional baseball player.

One summer, while he was still a teenager, he joined three different baseball teams.

He deliberately chose one team with a coach known as an excellent hitter, another with a coach known for teaching strategy, and the third was an expert at fielding.

As a result, this young man ultimately made the major leagues and had a great career.

We can do the same in our life. 

Talk to others who have recently bought a house when you want to buy one.

If you are going to do something new find someone who has done it before and get their input and lessons learned.

4. Deliberately meet and spend time with diverse people

If you want ultimate success, you must find different directions to our objectives.

Most people end up hanging out with others who are just like them.

When you do that and hit an obstacle, you may not have a solution from within your culture.

But maybe that person from a different race or different culture has the solution just waiting for you.

You will never know unless you have made friends who think differently.

5. Stay focused on your dreams and find success

Regularly perform the rocking chair test.

What do you want your life to have meant when it nears its end?

Now is the time to make that meaning true and right.

There are things to distract us from our dreams.

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We chase after opportunities that do not support those dreams.

Yes, these can be good things, but let them go if they are not taking you close to your dream. 

Refocus and find new ways to live life.

6. Once a day, perform a self-examination

Examine your life.

Find values you say you hold dear and consider if you are living up to your image of yourself.

I often will use things like the Boy Scout laws or Bible verses, but this can also be something like, “I said that I wanted to be healthy. How did I do today?”

Be honest with yourself. 

Did you eat that whole cake this afternoon after that rough meeting?

When was the last time that you exercised?

Daily examine your life and see if you are living to your own expectations and then make adjustments.

7. Get feedback from different directions

How do others see you? 

We can guess, or we can ask them.

Seek feedback constantly. 

Be open and accept what they have to say.

If it is negative, that is good to know. 

People are thinking it anyway, so dig deep.

At work, we have evaluations that go up and down the leadership chain and push growth like nothing else I have ever experienced.

Go find your success today

Success in your whole person is waiting for you.

Find harmony and balance in the assorted areas of your life.

Aim high, swing for the fence, and create strategies that help you be successful.

Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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