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Kamala Harris Quotes on Running for President

Norbert Juma, Editor
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This Kamala Harris quotes collection will inspire and galvanize you.

Kamala Devi Harris is the trailblazing California senator who recently announced – on Martin Luther King Jr. Day – her bid to run for the US Presidency in the 2020 election.

A member of the Democratic Party, Harris will be the first African-American or Indian-American woman to be a major party nominee for the presidency if she secures her party’s nomination bid.

Harris is no stranger to making waves and breaking barriers.

Before becoming California’s third female U.S. Senator, she was both the first woman and the first person of colour to hold the position of Attorney General in California.

Born in Oakland, California, Harris graduated from Howard University in Washington and attended the University of California’s Hastings College of Law.

Her first job after graduating was as a deputy district attorney, before being elected District Attorney of San Francisco later in 2004.

Since her election, Harris has made her presence known and felt.

Regardless of your politics, it’s hard to argue with her ability to inspire people.

In that respect, below is our round up of inspirational, wise, and impactful Kamala Harris quotes.

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Kamala Harris Quotes on Running for President in 2020

1. “You have to see and smell and feel the circumstances of people to really understand them.” – Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris Quotes on Running for President in 2020

2. “Surround yourself with really good friends. Have people around you who cheer you on, and applaud you, and support you, and are honest with you, and tell you, you know, when your breath stinks.” – Kamala Harris

Appreciation kamala harris quotes

3. “I was raised in a way that one does not talk about themselves or their feelings. One is expected to do good work, but it’s not about you, it’s not about your feelings. It’s about the thing that needs to get done.” – Kamala Harris

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Wise and inspirational kamala harris quotes

4. “I’ve been a proud mentor to many women seeking public office, because I believe we need more women at all levels of government. Women have an equal stake in our future and should have an equal voice in our politics. These are challenging times, but I believe getting more women to run for office is a big part of the solution.” – Kamala Harris

Favorite kamala harris quotes

5. “The core of my campaign is the people.” – Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris Quotes on Running for President in 2020

6. “[My work is] so much a part of me. I think about my job all the time, not in a way that is burdensome but in a way that asks, ‘How can I do good?’ I’m also blessed to do work that I really enjoy doing.” – Kamala Harris

Wise kamala harris quotes

7. “Running for office is similar to being a trial lawyer in a very long trial. It requires adrenaline and stamina; it requires being in shape mentally and emotionally. It’s a marathon.” – Kamala Harris

Unique kamala harris quotes

8. “We need to work to ensure the leaders reflect the people they are supposed to represent, and until we achieve that full representation, I think we should understand we are falling short of the ideals of this country.” – Kamala Harris

Best kamala harris quotes

9. “Nobody is living their life through the lens of one issue. And I think what people want is leadership that sees them through the complexity of their lives and pays equal attention to their needs. Let’s not put people in a box.” – Kamala Harris

Other kamala harris quotes

10. “I’ll be judged on the body of work and not the popularity of any one decision.” – Kamala Harris

Relatable kamala harris quotes

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Thought-provoking and galvanizing Kamala Harris quotes

11. “If anyone ever gets in your way and tells you to not follow your dreams — be it because of your age, gender, what you look like or where you come from — don’t listen. Do not be burdened by what has been when you can create what should be.” – Kamala Harris

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Thought-provoking and galvanizing Kamala Harris quotes

12. “Don’t give up – our country needs you now more than ever. This is a pivotal moment in the history of our country: Our ideals are at stake, and we all have to fight for who we are. We are all, and should be treated as, equals, but the disparity in terms of income and inequality, for women and women of colour, is significant.” – Kamala Harris

Wise kamala harris quotes

13. “Here’s the truth people need to understand: To tackle the challenges of the twenty-first century, we must empower women and families. If we do not lift up women and families, everyone will fall short. – Kamala Harris

Positive kamala harris quotes

14. “My mother had a saying: ‘You may be the first to do many things, but make sure you’re not the last.’” – Kamala Harris

Amazing kamala harris quotes

15. “The American dream belongs to all of us.” – Kamala Harris
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thought-provoking and galvanizing Kamala Harris quotes

16. “Instead of giving corporations a big tax cut, let’s give the middle class a real, permanent tax cut.” – Kamala Harris

Cool kamala harris quotes

17. “I often advocate that we look at many sides of an issue, walk in someone else’s shoes, and identify and reject false choices.” – Kamala Harris

Random kamala harris quotes

18. “I’ve had the good fortune and blessing to run for the offices for which I really wanted to do the work.” – Kamala Harris

kamala harris quotes that will encourage you

19. “I was raised to be an independent woman, not the victim of anything.” – Kamala Harris

kamala harris quotes to motivate you

20. “The truth is that the vast majority of Americans are good, fair, and just, and they want their country to reflect those ideals.” – Kamala Harris

kamala harris quotes to helping others

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More Kamala Harris quotes and sayings

21. “With the advent of DNA, we know that people have been convicted and sentenced to death who later proved not to be guilty of the crime.” – Kamala Harris

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More Kamala Harris quotes and sayings

22. “Women should not allow themselves to be caught up in the hype that says performance, meaning the motions, is what matters.” – Kamala Harris

kamala harris quotes to inspire you

23. “We need to incorporate that age-old concept of redemption into the work that we do in the criminal justice system in California.” – Kamala Harris

Meaningful kamala harris quotes

24. “In order to find balance, I feel very strongly about two things in particular in terms of routine. Work out, and eat well.” – Kamala Harris

Special kamala harris quotes

25. “I love being in a courtroom.” – Kamala Harris

kamala harris quotes about I love being in a courtroom

26. “I’m one of the luckiest people on Earth.” – Kamala Harris

27. “You got to take care of yourself. If I exercise or I eat proper foods, am I indulging myself? That’s called feeding your body.” – Kamala Harris

28. “I work out every morning. Only half an hour. I get on the treadmill. That’s it. Every morning, I don’t care what time. It gets your blood flowing. It gets your adrenaline flowing. I believe in eating well. It’s not fanatical. Eat good food. Make sure you’ve got good vegetables.” – Kamala Harris

29. “I have loved to cook since I was a child in my mother’s kitchen. If I don’t have time to cook, I’ll just read a cookbook.” – Kamala Harris

30. “What we all want is public safety. We don’t want rhetoric that’s framed through ideology.” – Kamala Harris

Which of these Kamala Harris quotes was your favorite?

Kamala Harris’ passion, optimism, warmth, and unique perspective makes her an inspirational figure to many.

Added to her intelligence and successful professional background, Harris certainly brings a breath of fresh air to presidential politics.

Hopefully, we can all learn from her wise words above.

Did you enjoy these Kamala Harris quotes?

Which of the quotes was your favorite?

Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Kyla J Plummer

    November 17, 2020 at 7:13 AM

    Love how you picked all the ‘nice’ ones, she has also said some horrid quotes too you know… “The truth is that the vast majority of Americans are good, fair, and just, and they want their country to reflect those ideals.” – Kamala Harris I hope she adheres to this one if Mr. T remains in office, I have heard her say ‘other’ comments about her fellow Americans that were not so flattering and well considered. Report fairly – this is nonsense

  2. Annabelle

    January 29, 2019 at 12:10 AM

    It’s all good actually. But my choice is #1, #2, #11 & #17.

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